Casio SPF100S-1V Diver’s Watch, I want!

Casio_SPF100s-1vSeems that this model is very rare here in Malaysia. A simple Google search did not reveal much about people taking about this model except for one blogger who is a watch enthusiast. Read it here Seems like a collectors item too. Well I’m not in a hurry to get one. But if I have the money and time, I would sure like to have that in my collection. I’m not a very frequent diver and I only have an open water licence for now, so having a dive watch that I can log and that still looks good on the surface seems like a good deal for me. It’s not as super expensive compared to actual dive watches in the market that sometimes cost like a hydraulic power unit, but based on the blog above, the shop priced it at MYR1800+

I wonder which shop..

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