TV Presenter allegedly bit co-host ,Soo Kui Jien in the face

Soo Kui Jien

Photo Credit, Yahoo News

I was nicely having my morning session on my ‘throne’ while watching the NTV7 Breakfast show when this two lovely presenter mentioned about a TV personality who was bitten on the face by another TV presenter.

..According the The Straits Times, SingTel mioTV hosts Soo Kui Jien and Patrick Kinghorn were hosting the live screening of a Premier League showdown between Manchester United and Arsenal at Timbre @ The Arts House, when Kinghorn apparently walked up to Soo and bit him on the face during half-time.

Some info based on Wikipedia: “Better known as Handsome Jien, Jien got his big break when he became a host on the Disney Channel in 1997. He has worked as an emcee and host on television in Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and Malaysia

Click here for the Yahoo Online News. Or else click here for beauty tips that might work.

Hope it’s nothing serious and it wasn’t true. Wonder what could have sparked the incident?

When you die, you loose weight immediately

Loose weight when dieIn our frenzy effort to loose weight, we tend to do anything that we can to achieve that weight difference. Perhaps it’s peer pressure, a sudden realization about our state of health or perhaps a big change so you could score with that girl? :P

Did you know that someone actually did an experiment to see if we lost any weight? Actually this guy was trying to prove that the body has a soul and when we die, the soul that leaves the body will in turn make our body a little lighter. The results was rather interesting. All his 6 patients really did lost weight. Better results than most weight loss pills I know!

But then again the number was not that high…what was the average weight loss after those 6 patients died? 21 Grams. For a complete info on this topic, head on to the Wikipedia page

A temple in Jenjarom, Pantai Morib and Telok Gong


Buddhist Monk


Yesterday was a public holiday and a bunch of us decided to check out a temple in Jenjarom area called Dong Zen Fo Guang Shan. We made a mo e around 2pm and probably reached there around 3:30pm?? Who knows? I never checked the time.

The temple has a really huge land area. Very intersting place indeed. Entrance is Free. So it’s not like you are paying like a high car insurance rates or something.

It was really hot and humid at the time. I got hungry pretty fast. And did not managed to really check out every single section of the temple. I heard the night view is more interesting.

Love Birds

After the temple session we headed for the Morib Beach. My first time there too. The seawater was nothing to shout about, unless if you were expecting a clear blue water.

I just love the final destination for the day, Flower Coconut seafood restaurant! Makan time.

Telok Gong Seafood

Heavenly Food

I saved a Cat but it will probably die later


I was on my way home from work when I reached a junction with traffic lights. It was somewhere near sri Petaling where Carrefour is. Anyway, as I was navigating my way around the line of cars ( I ride) I saw this kitten just underneath a car right in front of the rear wheel on the right side. I slowed down and tried to see if it was stuck or dead or something but no! It must have hidden underneath that car while the traffic light was Red.

I stopped and waved at the front passenger side of the car owner. As expected they must have either thought I was a scammer asking them to buy gold coins and what not. But they finally wind down the car window as I was trying to communicate through my full face helmet “Cat, cat under your car!” then I changed to “Kucing! Kucing di bawah kereta lah!”. Driver asked me “Hidup lagi ka??”

The poor driver got out of his car and ducked down to find a golden color kitten miaow-ing on top of it’s tiny lungs. We both tried to shoo it away but it just shift towards the middle of the car. Finally he used his umbrella to like dig it out. The frightened kitten ran away and went underneath this Mercedes Benz smack right in front of her car tire!! Come on??? The traffic light turned Green and added some excitement. Just as the lady driver of the Merc shifted gears, I managed to tap on her bonnet and frantically tried to tell her there is a cat under her car and I was still wearing my helmet.

I saw the kitten ran away under another car. I think it was a BMW. The driver went out too checking under his car. This time it was gone. By now a few cars started honking and the situation was getting tense. I can hear the cat miaow-ing again. But it seems to be coming from the little drainage hole at the side of the road. I was sure it went inside that hole.

I was blocking traffic and so was these other two courageous men. At the time we all decided to make a move. The first guy even thanked me???

Anyways I sure hope that brave kitten haven’t used up all it’s 9 lives. Because once it is out from that hole there’s no guarantee that it will be safe from harm. That particular stretch is busy with cars at that hour and I doubt another motorcyclist or motorist will be as helpful to that poor fellow.

God Speed little pussy cat!