Me and the Rat, it’s time to draw the line once and for all

I’m sure every living human beings out there would have at least experienced seeing a rat either running, stealing, or a dead one. I see that almost everyday on the road side. (must be the ones who lost a mating contest..)

Anyway, there was this rat (could be more of them) who has been stealing my dried chilly. My washingRat or Tikus machine happens to be next to it and that has become it’s dining table. It’s a mess everywhere… I’m fine with that Mr Rat. You were hungry and you had to eat. I can forget what you’ve done and perhaps maybe even let you eat more. But now you have gone a little too much by having a party in my guest room, on my couch and even on my bed! How did I found out? You left your beautiful looking shit (I thought it was black beans) all over. Although they were dry and doesn’t really made so much mess, I still prefer the ‘tahi cicak’ compared to yours.

Have all the fun tonight and tomorrow because this weekend, I have a surprise for ya! I’m sorry to say that our relationship will have to end in a tragic way. After all I am still the master of the house. For now I will be cleaning up your mess just for a little while….

The Forest in the shopping mall

There’s this shopping center called One Utama here in peninsular Malaysia that most will know about. A really huge shopping mall with everything you need under one roof. From bowling alleys to eateries to boutiques, this is the place to be, as long as you have the money.. he he…

But there’s another specialty about this shopping complex. For those who are ‘tired’ of being around modern shops and all, there’s this forest garden that calms the soul right within the shopping mall. Well…it’s kind of the outer/side part of the mall.

They have these little ponds with rivers, fishes, garden bridges, waterfalls..yeah! Kind of cool. I always make sure I come over this area whenever I am in that shopping mall. Oh it’s also called ‘The Forest’. it’s at the new Wing Section. You should be able to find it easily with the signboards as a guide.

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Global Battle of The Band- Meet “Gluteus Maximus”

I mentioned about the contest before here.

Let me introduce you to the band members.

Gluteus Maximus band
Left to right: Kay Kastum (Guitars,Vocals), Patrick (Drums), Walter (Keyboards,Vocals), Jefrin (Lead Guitars,Vocals), Giluk (Bass,Vocals)

This band was formed..let’s see…about a couple of weeks? But we do get along pretty well. All of us are Sabahan’s except for our drummer obviously. We would love to see you on that day. Here are some details to help you with:

Date: Friday, August 15th 2008

Time: 8PM

Venue: Titanium Bar & Dance Club
Level 101, Block A, Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damasara II
No. 15, Jalan 16/11 Off Jalan Damansara
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Note: There will be a RM20 entrance fee which INCLUDE one drink – Jack Daniels whiskey, Finlandia vodka or softdrink. 1 voting slip will also be given to you – VOTE GLUTEUS MAXIMUS!!! :þ

****Additional Notes:

Audiences can vote for their favourite band as many times as they wish. To get additional voting slips (other than the one that is given to paying customers at the entrance), audiences can:

-Buy an additional bottle of Jack Daniel’s or Finlandia inside the venue at RM268.00 nett which will come with an additional six (6) voting slips.

– Buy two (2) bottles of either Jack Daniel’s or Finalandia inside the venue at RM488.00 nett which will come with an additional twelve (12) voting slips.

With Jack Daniel’s Global Tour as The GBOB Challenge Malaysia’s sponsor, Jack Daniel’s consumers can win the opportunity to go on an exclusive trip to Tennessee, USA. To enter the contest, Jack Daniel’s consumers can simply send a text message with the correct answer and a pin code (scratch to reveal) stickered on each bottle of Jack Daniel’s purchased. Five winners will be selected from the SMS pool whilst another five will be selected from GBOB audiences during each qualifying heats and finale. These lucky 10 will represent Malaysia to a 3-day 2-night party in Singapore with other participating SEA countries where the grand draw to the United States will be held.

Pulse Ultra Club, Kuala Lumpur

Pulse*photo credit-Grand Millennium

I had a chance to hang out at the Pulse Ultra Club in KL last Tuesday. It was not really planned intentionally actually. All you know, friends and family were with us. And what a blast! I think the club really lives up to it’s name. “Ultra Club”. Pretty upscale joint if you ask me. One thing’s for sure the ladies… yes the ladies were all hip and hawt. Hey I even spotted Francisca Peters hanging out with her friends. The band that was playing is called “Da Remix” or was it “The Remix”??. A six piece band. They even called her on stage to perform together. The band members are all African American except for one of the keyboardist and the main singer which is a nice looking lady. They played some cool modern jazz, funky stuff as well as your favorite R&B tunes. I just love the bass player with his 6 strings bass man! Really Phat sounds coming from em’ bass!

I’d say this is the place to see and to be seen or whatever. But be prepared to have the cash man. It sure is not like your local club rate if you know what I’m saying. Oh did I mention that the DJ was good too? Bring your girlfriend here. She’d thank you for that. Anyway, awesome place.

Here are some other places you can find out about Pulse, Ultra Club, Kuala Lumpur:

Official Page on Pulse Ultra Club from Grand Millennium Hotels Website-Kuala Lumpur

A New Heart Beats in Town


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