Pulau Perhentian diving video

Here’s a video I put together for the recent Perhentian dive trip. Too bad it wan’t the best dives of the time because I failed to configure my camera settings during the good ones!

Perhentian Dive 2012

Just came back from my diving trip at Pulau Perhentian. This is the first time I am using my Olympus XZ-1 underwater. I did not get really good results the first 3 dives. Only during the last dive was it a little OK but it was also not one of the best dives for the day. Visibility was not so good. There wasn’t much stuff to see. But I did managed to practice my camera settings and also my buoyancy.

You guys should visit Perhentian Islands. The sands are so fine as if someone used a sieve shaker to produce such fine sands. Diving, snorkelling, hiking or party by the beach at night, this is the place for everyone.

Pulau Perhentian is calling

We will be diving and having a bit of beach bumming next month in Pulau Perhentian. Hopefully the weather treats us with some sunshine. Diving when it’s raining is OK. Diving when there;s a storm is not OK. Not sure if I should be packing my sunless spray tan instead.

Then again I think it’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to experiment with my Olympus XZ-1.

Olympus XZ-1

My new compact camera, compared with the old one

During the recent MIDE (Malaysia International Dive Expo) I was this close to getting the GoPro HD2 together with the underwater dive housing. It was a good deal but I finally went for the Olympus XZ-1. After weighing all the factors, the XZ-1 would be my best choice since there is an upcoming dive trip to Pulau Perhentian and I may want some still shots. I got the XZ-1 with the Underwater housing package for MYR1999. They gave me freebies like tripod, leather casing, extended warranty, some cloth, Olympus PEN (actual pen with a light) and nothing else.

I’m not a fan of DSLR. I prefer-point-and-shoot camera with manual controls. Besides bringing a DSLR on a diving trip just makes you prepare loads of equipment like a cybertech scientist on a mission to Mars, IMHO.

..and here’s a sample shot from my Flickr

Testing the obvious