Damansara (Uptown) Night Market

Me, wifey and another friend went over to this place in Damansara ‘uptown’. We made a move around 11:45pm from Puchong. this was a place that was supposed to be filled with interesting stalls and we were also told that you can also find pets being sold here.

pasar malam
Cars and more cars

We had a little trouble finding the way. Eventually we found it after making a few turns here and there. It was rather obvious we had reached the right place after seeing some stretch of multi-colored lights on a stretch of road. There were many cars parked at the road side too.

pasar malam
It’s actually a badminton court of some sort

OK. This place was not that interesting as it turned out to be. Most of the stalls are selling the same stuff. One thing very obvious is the amount of “Levi’s” jeans, “branded” shirts and shoes. oh, handbags too. I saw brands like “Guess”, “Coach” and “Louis Vutton”.

pasar malam
Levi’s 501!

Okay. There were no pets for sale. Most are selling the same stuff. On the other side they have this large area for eating. They have satays and all the stuff you can expect in our healthy Malaysian diet. Oh, they have a fire-eater dude too. From the way he handled the fire and kerosene, I might recommend him globe life insurance. Anyhow he did made the crowd go “ui!”, “wau!”, “opocot”! and “aw!”.

pasar malam

We went back for the long journey home with a full stomach from having satays and ABC’s at around 1:00am.

pasar malam
..another slow rock open karaoke contest

If you really want to check out the excitement of the place, here’s a simple instruction:

Follow LDP highway going towards One Utama shopping center > pass One Utama-keep left > take left turning going towards IKEA & Ikano > continue and go into the tunnel > go straight all the way > pass Petronas gas station on the left > continue all the way and keep left > look out for some row of colored lights on the left > you will notice there’s a lot of cars parked on the roadside.

Did we like the place? Nah..not really.

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Comments (7)

  1. Which camera did you use for the photos? It looked so much better than mine! :( My stupid camera cannot lah take photos at night. :(

  2. Alamak… sampai sini Cindy complain her camera. Must be really bad then. Oh well, I understand the feeling. My V3i is only good for talking and sms’ing. I have no camera other than my old broken Canon 5MP.

    Anyway, i like the Levi’s 501 shot. How much they selling there?

  3. Cindy and PaPa. You will be surprised that I only used my company camera phone which is the Sony Ericsson K510i. With a little bit of tweaking using Google-Picasa2 simple image editor. 😎

    The Levis 501? Not sure lah. Never asked. I’m sure it’s less than Rm100 since it’s ‘original’

  4. What kind of pet were you looking for?

  5. Sunsuron– We wanted to look at dogs, cats, mouse and rabbits.

  6. You’re buying another pet soon? Aww.. kesiannya si Piper, di”dua”kan. Hehehehe! :mrgreen:

  7. Cindy– No lar! We were just thiking of checking em’ out. This one Pekingese is enough to make the house like there were 10 school children running around…

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