English to Bahasa Malaysia online translation

Who needs expensive professional translators when you can do it online for free. Someone sent me this ‘naughty’ translation that he tried to see how they translate such word. I had a good laugh!
how on earth that is interpreted as ‘birds head’?? Ha ha!



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  1. kah kah…real funny lah dis..i’ve tried it..tapi for ‘bad-engrish’ person like me, it make my engrish even worse keh keh…

  2. Warghkhhh! Buarghkhh! Koff! Koff! … Kepala burung… Warkh!! Karghkhh!! 😆

  3. Zaini– You don’t have to be good. you just need to be creative!

    Eshark– Why burung? He he he

    Pinolobu– Wah.. you are on top of your game man!

  4. -Added. But seems like it does not work anymore. It worked the other day…

  5. Actually I found the direct URL earlier.

    Pretty funny translations, I must say! Too bad they limit the input to 300 characters. I would have made a fortune translating Lord of the Rings to Bahasa Malaysia and releasing the translated version as a new Malay epic 😛

  6. jc

    know well nobody upon earth is free of all faults except the prophets, may God bless you

  7. jc– Peace be upon you too my friend.

  8. rasul

    what is papi in malay

  9. Chanelle

    Hi, I really need to translate a web page from English to Bahasa Malaysia for my school project. Can anyone help me? thanks sooooo much!! 😀

  10. Lisa

    The above event, which is sanctioned by MGA will be held at Ayer Keroh Country Club, Melaka. This is part of our continuous effort to promote tourism and Melaka as a golf destination. We expect about 120 players and 30 officials from 40 clubs through out Malaysia to participate in this yearly event. To mark this occasion, we will be publishing a souvenir programme, which will be distributed to all participants, officials and affiliated clubs.

    We would like to invite your team to provide medical services/assistance during the two days game at our Club. We may need an ambulance stationed at the Club for any emergencies.

    Your support are very much appreciated.

  11. Hi Chanelle or somebody who seeking of cheap translation program

    I have the “offline” program to translate from
    English to Malay.

    “Friendly used program. I create by my own”

    send email to me :

  12. khairuddin

    Penghujung bulan November 2009 hingga December ini banyak membuat aku tersentak. Ramai ahli keluarga ku samada mengalami sakit yang kritikal
    atau meninggal dunia kerani sakit atau pun dimamah usia. Malaikat Maut nampaknya sedang meneropong keluarga kami.
    Ya Allah, ampunlah kami, lindunglah kami dari azab
    mu, jauh lah kami dari durjana, berilah keberkatan dan kesihatan kepada kami dan rahmatilah hidup kami. Amin

  13. Mag Ng

    Attempts to re-open bag will distort the sealed area.

  14. 😐 Toggletext . com is very great website for translation of bahasa but unfortunately its not working these days.

  15. pat

    how do i say cannot in Bahasa

  16. Matthias

    How to spell “Chancellor” & Vice Chancellor in Bahasa Malaysia?

  17. ‘Tidak Boleh’ or ‘Jangan’ depending on the sentence

  18. Not really sure about the official one, from what I have came across, it’s just spelled as Chanselor?

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