How to experience Android on your PC

It’s free and you do not need to have too much technical background. If you know what is an e-mail and you used Whatsapp before, you are good to go.


  1. Install a software on your PC called ‘Bluestacks’. This is actually an Android emulator. Get it here
  2. If you have an error while installing the software due to compatibility issues, you can do a Google search for the term ‘bluestacks thin installer’ and try installing that version
  3.  Bluestacks allows you to use whatever app you have on your phone (if you plan to update it with your phone) however it will not synchronize your game levels, contacts etc
  4. To update contacts, export your Google contacts as VCF (the 3rd option in export contacts) and save it in ‘My Photos’ or something like that
  5. Go to Contacts in Whatsapp
  6. Click settings (bottom left)
  7. Select ‘Import/export’
  8. Select ‘Import from SD Card’
  9. Be fabulous and receive your best high school class rings


No I’m kidding


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