Motorbike challenges

Riding a bike has its Pro and Cons. If you want el-cheapo fuel and parking cost this one will give you more than you can use on a litre of petrol compared to a car. With an additional bucket thingy at the rear you could fit a bag of 5kg rice or even you weekly food stocks depending on how you arrange them. There’s another basket at the front so you could add more stuff. Downside? too many to list down LOL!


  • rain
  • dust
  • heat
  • safety
  • 2 wheels
  • not a chick puller
  • not comfy
  • can’t go far without adding fuel many times
  • the list goes on

But still, knowing that you don’t need tire machine Coats just to change the rear tire is a plus side for me. But I still need a car soon. Having both will be he best way to do it. I think.

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