Thank you climbing

I’m not much of an athlete. I have no interest in soccer. Didn’t make it in the school track and field events. Skinny I was yes. Thought I can eat anything, everything under the sun and not get fat from that. Arrived in KL circa 1998 and there’s more oily food. Lots of variety. For all I know I went from 60+ kg to 85+ kg reaching almost 90 kg at one point. I decided to shed the weight and embarked on a trimming down journey. So on July 2010 I started climbing. Why I chose climbing? It’s practically safer than soccer. It gives you hell of a pain in the arse (literally)! You progress at your own pace and you set goals every time you’re climbing.

I am currently at 72 kg and thanks to climbing I am fitter, and much more positive compared to 2 years ago. Everyone can do a wipe hard drive clean maneuver. I hope to achieve 70 kg soon. Yo know where that extra 2 kg is coming from right? ha ha.

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