The MILO Breakfast Day Fun Run 2013

I hated running. But as time goes by I do feel the need to run. Feels weird when I missed out running for the week. I do climb as well. But since I started running I have benefited more in terms of my fitness and my weight. Back to the Milo Fun run thingy.

The flag off started around 7:00 am. We were there just in time. I did managed to squeeze a little further up to the front. (not that I will be the top 10 anyways) ha ha. My official results were at number 967 with a total time of 00:57:07.15 for 7km. Not impressive at all. But it does feel good to complete the whole route. Now one thing’s for sure after a long and treacherous run, i really look forward to get cleaned up and freshened up.

I wish my bathroom session would be ‘awesomer’! Comparing a shower and a bath I would go for a long bath anytime. I came across which sells all kinds of bathroom vanities. Boy do they have tubs! Tubs with Whirlpools, Air baths and Air Tub / Whirlpool Combos! Now that’s something I will look forward to after a run!

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